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You Have Questions.
We Have Answers.

Most common questions that we have heard over the years, and our answers.

We require a $500 deposit to secure your date.  The remainder balance is due 14 days before your wedding or event.

You can pay with:

  • Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover through Square or PayPal (to keep our rates low, a 3.00% Paypal or Square fee will be added to the total balance)
  • Cash or personal/business check
  • Zelle and other mobile banking apps.

The DYNAMIK Wedding Packages include up to 5 hours. 

Typically that breaks down to:

  • 30 minutes for the Wedding Ceremony
  • 1 Hour for Cocktail Hour
  • 1 Hour for Dinner
  • 30 Minutes for Special Dances (1st dance, mother/son, father/daughter, garter and bouquet, toasts and speeches, etc)
  • 2 Hours Dancing

Setup and breakdown time is on us.

Heck since your party is rocking, why not keep it going?

Additional time can be added in 30 minute increments at $100 per 30 minutes.  You can add up to 3 hours of additional time.

To make it easy for you, we can process credit card payments on the spot so you don’t have to stress on finding your check book or scrounging for cash.

Wouldn’t you want all your family and friends to hear those two magical words, “I Do”?

Most venues such as wineries, barns, ballrooms and golf courses have created beautiful locations on their property for you to host your wedding ceremony.  But at the same time, most do not have a sound system built in, or it is typically insuffiecient for the high quality sound that you’d want on your special day during your wedding ceremony.

The ceremony sound system is setup to play your pre-ceremony, processional, and recessional music as well as project your officants voice through a microphone.

Included in the Wedding Ceremony Package:

  • EV Professional Grade 12″ Self Powered Speaker
  • Wireless Lapel Microphone for the Officant
  • All the necessary music (pre-ceremony, processional, recessional and specially requested music)
  • Main iPad with offline downloaded music
  • Backup iPad with offline downloaded music
  • Music and timeline planning
  • Attendant to monitor the sound and playback the necessary music
  • coordination with the day of wedding planner

We recommend a wireless handheld or lapel microphone if you are hosting more than 100 guests at your Wedding Ceremony

Not really.  I mean, you could add a wireless microphone ($100.00) but most of the time the wireless microphone worn on the officant is sufficient to capture your vows and those two magical words.

The pre-ceremony background music will be playing as guests arrive for your wedding ceremony.  We start the music about 15 minutes before the ceremony.  So, if your wedding ceremony starts at 5:00 pm, the pre-ceremony background music should start playing at 4:45 pm.

Of course you can.  We want your ceremony to be as unique as you and your guests.

You can select all the music played as guests arrive, bridal party entrance, bride entrance, recessional.  Need suggestions?  Not a problem, just give us a call or send us an email.

It’s all part of our Event Planning worksheet where you can add your selections.

Of course you can.  We actually think that’s pretty cool!

We would add our Allen+Heath mixing board ($100.00) to our setup which will allow all the necessary connections and any reverb settings needed by the artist or performer

We love good wedding planners/coordinators!  We chat with them before the wedding and create our game plan.  So you can rest assure that your wedding ceremony will be flawless and free of stress.

You sure can but it’s totally your call.

If that friend has one too many adult beverages before your wedding ceremony, it just might not go as planned.  Also, we would hope that you would want your friend to enjoy your wedding and not be a stressed mess on when to cue which music and the stress behind his/her music player failing, or the speaker not sounding like a quality sound system that you would want for your special day.

If your cocktail hour is being held at a different location than your ceremony and wedding reception, then yes ($100.00).

Sometimes we can make it work without adding a separate sound system but we can talk about that during our planning session.

Cocktail Hour Package ($100.00) Includes:

  • 1 x EV 12″ Self Powered Professional Grade Speaker
  • 1 x iPad with your selection of cocktail music
  • 1 x Microphone for announcements

Of course you can!  The cocktail hour really sets the mood for the rest of the event.

The music selection is included in the Event Planning worksheet.

If your dinner location is being held at a different location than your ceremony, cocktail hour and wedding reception, then yes.  It’s only $100.00 and will include a similar setup as our Cocktail Hour Sound System.

Dinner Music Package Includes:

  • 1 x EV 12″ Self Powered Professional Grade Speaker
  • 1 x iPad with your selection of dinner

The booking rate is just $100 and we need power to be within 50 feet of the setup

Of course you can.  We want your dinner mood to be as unique as you and your guests.

Bon Appetite!

The music selection is included in the Event Planning worksheet.

Yes, 1 microphone is included in all of our packages.

If you need 2 microphones at the same time, it’s only an extra $100 for a wireless or $50 for a wired.

Yes!  Someone truly understands the importance of high end, quality professional grade DJ, Sound and Lighting equipment!  Here’s what we use:

Sound:  EV (Electro-Voice) EKX-15p, EKX-18SP, ELX200-12P, QSC K-Series, JBL PRX Series
Mixing:  Denon MCX8000 4-Channel Mixer, Pioneer DDJ, Allen+Heath ZED 10FX
Lighting:  Chauvet DJ, American DJ, SoundSwitch
Trussing:  Global Trussing
Microphones:  Senheiser XSW Series

If you were to Google Search any of equipment listed above, you’ll see that we only use high end, professional grade, quality equipment.

Yes, you can use any color your desire that will match the color theme of your event.

Yes, the minimum order amount is $300 which is a minimum of 10 lights.  We suggest a minimum of 12 up lights for a normal 4 wall ballroom or venue.

No, we do not charge extra for a “non-standard” color choice.  It’s just another way for them to nickle and dime their potential clients.  It’s actually quite intensive and time consuming, but no biggie, it’s no extra charge.

We want you to be happy, but at the same time, we want others that want the same date as yours to be happy as well.

Your initial deposit will be refunded to you within the first 48 hours of receipt, no  questions asked.

We want you to feel comfortable, not pressured and feeling uneasy after making a deposit.

After 48 hours though, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

Again, we don’t want you to feel pressured.  We honor all our bridal/event show specials for up to 7 business days after the show.

So no worries, think it over, do your research and then let’s chat and start planning your wedding or event!

Glad you asked.

  1.  Our Mission – Our mission is “Bettering Lives, One Event at a Time”.  We have passion to help others.  We have pledged to donate a certain percentage out of our profits from each event to Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, Sacramento.
  2. Our Passion – we strongly feel deep down in our heart, mind and soul that we are as passionate, or even more passionate than you about your event.  
  3. Our Purpose – The purpose and the existence of our business is to provide entertainment at such a high and personal level to our clients that they keep coming back to us again and again.  Then they send their family and friends to us and the relationship continues to grow.
  4. Experience – there are very few DJ, Lighting and Entertainment companies in the greater Sacramento, Roseville and Folsom areas that have the experience that we do, going back all the way to 1986 (no, we are not that old old, just started when we were young young) 🙂
  5. Normal People – yup, we are just normal people that want to make a difference in people’s lives and nothing get’s us more high than seeing an ear to ear smile on our clients face after their event