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Nothing has the power to enhance the ambiance and overall mood of an event like professional lighting

Whether you’re looking for a romantic feel for your Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin or Lincoln wedding venue, a professional atmosphere at your upcoming corporate event at the Local Midtown Hyatt  or the Sacramento Citizens Hotel, or perhaps cool party vibes at a school dance, you deserve magical, colorful, reliable lighting at its absolute best. Wow,  we just used 7 commas in that sentence.  Is that even legal?  Sit back and enjoy your special event as we’ll make sure everything runs smoothly and looks incredible.

Venue up Lighting

Up lighting is a very popular style of lighting used at weddings and inspirational events, and come in a variety of colors to fit your color scheme. They are especially great in smaller venues with lower ceilings because it gives the illusion of taller ceilings, and since they look like pillars of light, it gives your room an appearance of grandeur. Should you pick this style of lighting, your DJ will space out lights around the edges of the room in the color of your choosing to give the space a regal look. Draped lighting or break-up patterned lighting goes well with this style, but nearly every other style of lighting works well with it, since it is mostly in the background.

Custom Video Monogram

Customized monograms have been trending because they offer a highly visible personal touch, and can work with a couple’s initials or names at a wedding, a company logo at an event, or high school prom theme. A customized monogram acts like a centerpiece, and is usually displayed on a wall above the main table or center of attraction, or can be displayed across the dancefloor. If you choose this style, your DJ will work with you to customize your monogram and decide the best place to display it. They come in a variety of styles, colors, fonts, and work well with any other style of lighting.


Dance Floor Lighting

Create the dance party of your dreams with epic dance floor lighting — without tacky light fixtures getting in the way. Want to wow your guests even more? Pair it with our DMX Lighting controllers, Dancing on the Clouds Effect, Indoor Sparkers for your first dance, and our top-rated DJ services.


We help you create
the vibe, emotion and feeling that will WOW your guests from the moment they walk in.

Enjoy Your Event With Confidence.